Emerald Green Dress

When you go shopping for a friend's wedding, or when you are thinking of getting a lovely dress for a formal or a cocktail party, what are the colors that come to your mind? Well, I am sure most of you would go for common choices like black, blue, purple or peach which look great on the specific patterns of dresses. But how would you like to see yourself in an emerald green dress, which is one of the most uncommon yet rich colors in today's fashion trends. The color of the green emerald is one of the most extraordinary colors found in almost all fabrics. It is unlike all the other shades of green and has a deep blend of dark and light green, which makes it so unique. Therefore, if you are looking for gorgeous colors for dresses, emerald green should be your pick!
Different Dress Types
There are innumerable types of casual and formal wear in women's clothing. Dresses are surely a major part of their fashion agenda, as women love to wear them and look gorgeous in various designs. Being a versatile part of their wardrobe, we can classify them as summer dresses, cocktail dresses and evening gowns, each of which have their own unique identities and places to be worn. If your wardrobe is full of such dresses, and if you are looking for something different, well, you can try finding yourself one of the dresses! They are cute, trendy, stylish, elegant and definitely attractive. Read on, to find out which are the various options for such dresses.
Cocktail Dress
Cocktail dresses are definitely a part of the wardrobe essentials, as one can never tell, when they are useful. Cocktail dresses can be used as normal party wear, for cocktail parties, for weddings, or for any other formal occasion like festivals and celebrations. There are many designs, styles and lengths you will find in that particular color or you can get one stitched as well.

Since, these cocktail dresses are usually tea length, or slightly higher than the knees, you can find them in A-lines, cap sleeve short dresses, pleated or ruffle dresses, wrap dresses or any other designs which qualify as a cocktail attire. Summer dresses can also be included in these types of dresses, because they too can be worn at informal and semi-formal occasions. So, the next time you pick a fancy cocktail dress, think of an emerald green tea length dress.

Formal Dress
Now that you've found some great choices for cocktail dresses in the emerald green color, well, you can read about the more formal alternative! This color looks nothing but beautiful on elegant satin evening gowns which can be strapless, one shoulder, or cap sleeves. Full length emerald green evening dresses can accentuate the class of a woman, making her look rich and glorious.

As mentioned above, you can use absolutely any designs and styles for these dresses, including various types of fabric like silk, chiffon, satin, lace, velvet, etc. The depth of this color surely gives the wearer the ancient class irrespective of it being paired with any piece of jewelry. Evening dresses in this color can be ruffled, mermaid, column gowns, prom dresses, halter floor length, and many more designs, as variety is never limited. Therefore, all you have to do is decide to wear the dress and you will have a gown ready!

With so many ideas for an emerald green dress, I am sure you are convinced to pick one of these the next time you need a killer dress! Well, go ahead and get those heads turning right round as you walk in, flaunting that gorgeous dress.

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