How to tie a sarong

Sarong is an attractive piece of clothing, and perfect if you want to add color to your wardrobe when you are travelling. Sarong comes in beautiful colors, patterns and designs. It also comes in different sizes. It is a lightweight and perfect fabric to use on the beach. In addition, if you are traveling, then it must have a sarong, since it can be used as a towel or a piece of fabric. And being lightweight that it doesn't take up much space in your luggage. Sarong has been used by many cultures throughout the world, to make a skirt, dress, Veil, jacket, etc you can inspire in various cultures to new forms. But, if you don't have much idea, then here are some interesting ways...

5 cool ways to tie a sarong
# 1 classic dress
tie a sarong
The technique of tie a sarong in a dress is fairly easy. First wrap the sarong around his back and then on the chest, now twist the ends once and bring them behind your neck. Now, make a knot to secure the ends. You can avoid twisting the fabric to create another style. Another way to make the dress of sarong, is for wrapping around his torso, like a towel.

# 2-Long skirt
For tying the sarong in a skirt long, just keep the sarong in the back of the waist, and is wrapped around his waist, and then tie the ends in a knot. The appearance of the sarong will change depending on the position of the knot, which may be in the front, to the side or in the back.

# 3 Skirt short
In this way, you can use a half sarong or fold the sarong long in the Middle, to reduce its length. Wrap the sarong in the waist, and then it wrap back around his waist, then secure the ends near your hips with a knot. Listed below are instructions of how to tie a scarf out of sarong.

tie a sarong
# 4 Scarf
To make a handkerchief in cool head using a sarong, take a sarong and place it on the head, and hold the sarong in a width of arms, with two hands. While holding the sarong taking again and do a twist, hold torque. Then make a knot, and let the sarong that falls on their backs, nor place it on your shoulder.

# 5 Jacket
Hold the sarong in front of you diagonally, and fold the width medium Sage, now a small knot at the top. Take a stick and make a knot around knot, which made previously. Repeat with the other side of the sarong. Now slide the arm through the opening and has a colorful sarong jacket. You can wear it open or tie them at the Center.

These were the five different ways to tie a sarong. You can easily find a pareo, you can find it in the malls, flea market or in tents next to the beach. In addition, it is very inexpensive and only costs a few dollars. So, what are you waiting for? Buy one, and try the previous ways of doing fresh clothes in a sarong.

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