High neck Sleeveless Jersey

A neck high slevelss is one of the essential elements of costumes for women and has been there for quite some time. It is also one of the fashion trends that never fade. A turtleneck is a piece of clothing that has the following characteristics: the neck is high, often reaching up to the Chin. You can bend down to half its height, when you feel hot, or leave it in the cold winter. You can have high neck sleeveless in various forms and fabrics. Tops, dresses sweaters, etc, in wool, cotton, cashmere, etc, are available in this model of clothes. Read below for the different forms and how you can use.
A sweater

One of the best uses for a turtleneck sleeveless is in winter clothing. You can have beautiful sweaters woven in wool or cashmere, using the pattern of high collar sleeveless. Go for dark colours in sweaters and work in teams up with a stole of totally contrasting color. You may also have lovely dresses in Wool Turtleneck. This can be used with a pair of wool leggings well equipped or Lycra, either in the same color and bring a shrug to cover the shoulders. For example, you can use a simple black dress Turtleneck sleeveless wool, plain black leggings and a black shrug black with a bit of sequins on the work, to give it an elegant appearance. You can wear heels, boots up to the knee to keep your legs warm.

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High Neck Sleeveless Jersey
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Sleeveless turtlenecks are a good choice for when you want to dress for special occasions. In spring, you can take a nice high collar shirt in a bright red, Fuchsia or orange color and accompany it with a skirt quite form which is a combination of white and the color of the top. It can also use a lid that covers the waist with a pair of leggings for a casual look, but elegant. You can also get long Turtleneck tops, which have a clustering effect at waist. Wear these with slim fit jeans or a pair of leggings and boots, to complete an elegant outfit. You can also go in a smart in a tone high collar sleeveless top clear and sober more beige or white cream, and to wear under a jacket which is a part of a business. It is now ready to go to work in an impressive formal attire.

A dress
Not many women to try this, but without sleeves, collars make too large dresses. Especially if your body shape is tall and thin. You can have a figure hugging cocktail dress in pure black color with a high neck. The base of the dress is a matter of your choice. It is possible to maintain a linear adjustment or a flared skirt style. The right setting, with small side cuts is a better choice if you are targeting for a sensual look and sexy. Flare dress gives a more formal and serious way. In addition to cocktail dresses, you can also have gorgeous dresses sleeveless Turtleneck summer. They are well ventilated and available light, breathing fabrics. If you think the high neck to suffocate you, then you can go for a false turtleneck. It will be light on the neck and look nice also.

A high collar sleeveless is a species of Evergreen garment piece. You can use a different type for each season. It can also be used differently for different occasions, how to and how want you. Thus, gets one for each season of the year, immediately, and enjoy its versatility.

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