fashion trends summer 2014 showcase

Fashion trends summer 2014
The style is synonymous with the exotic aspect that seems beautifully. The summer season is all about juggle brightly with chic accessories hippies. 2014 summer fashion trends present the best looks of the biggest names in the global fashion industry. It is impossible to resist cuts and bright colors combined and made for a gorgeous look for summer.

Good news:

Do you know that the majority of the costumes, handbags, shoes may be within our reach? The different modes of shopping online are free of problems. Simply connect to capture this reduction of exciting racing experience. It is time to renew your wardrobe for a summer gala.

It a few decades ago it was hard to afford, regardless of the designer and you had to comply with the shops of rue lack of budget. The coupons are now available with up to 50% discount on designer at ASOS and Nordstrom brands. What do you expect?

One thing to do before cracking is to detect items of a desired appearance. In fact, when it comes to investing, better focus on timeless pieces: a coat with a nice cut, pumps, high-gloss, a beautiful leather bag, more trinkets decorated to create a magical spell.

Many of us believe avoiding pumps to fashionable? To avoid fashion blunders, follow the simple guide to surviving in the jungle of the brotherhood of the mode. Search new hot trends and get rid of the old t-shirt you wear pants without form.

Are you tired of this look typical non - conformist? You want to try a look that creates a "style statement"? You can now choose a perfectly plain white shirt with sneakers in eye-catching colors and clutch with jewelry or ornaments of your choice.

Who are the style icons?

Style icons are those who have never considered that their aesthetic to be a great success, dressing, but are based on refine the appearance of their way quickly. It's really very elegant. Choose these extravagant goods and create a "style statement" of all time. Forget things in bulk, revive with a bit of grunge and 90 classics look. You can search online and spend fashion blogging more shots in the charm of this summer.

Flattering choice for the summer:

Follow the latest trend, that enters the cycle of fashion clothing. Rethinking the wardrobe and focuses on conventional street seeks a day. Out for the night or a night - black stuns short cocktail dress!

Founders fever goes viral:

Fashion is cyclical, to some extent, so please do not hesitate far from opportunities that arise. Metallic colors are a good example. Gold embellished top, wear a skirt black pencil with peep toes. A strong attraction for transparency is observed with mist and lace cuts. What do you expect?

Essential pants of summer:

Each cabinet must contain a pair of black pants with a texture that is always elegant and paired with the blouse silk or elegant knitted garments; perfect for all seasons.

The Summit of the harvest:

A success of the absolute summer of this season is the crop top "look." The casual street style was walking all the way on the red carpet looks more. Let's be honest, high to shorten a few centimeters above the belly button are not easy to lead the trend.

Black boot:

Rock and elegant accessory by excellence, everyone loves a good pair of black leather boots. It can be used with a short skirt with Ruffles or slim pants dynamic.

Jewel of bag:

Hanging in our arms, the bag is the object of desire! For the nights of the holiday season, a bag is a perfect accessory that goes for a nice look. Most bags are now available jewelry at affordable prices. Clutch bag is enough 'in' for a formal look or a wedding.

Chic charms of the neck:

You should probably fall in love with breastplate necklaces, with trinkets of States pierre semi - thick for ideal fineness for the summer. Aqua hot summer ringtone illuminates every look and gives you a touch of whimsy.

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